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    Make more money with your vehicle

    Tapway Logistics Inc. is providing you a job opportunity to perform a last mile delivery on need-be basis. We aim to provide same day delivery service in the city to aid business growth with rapid and responsive delivery solutions. Partner with us today to work on flexible hours and make extra income.

    Here is How It Works

    1. Sign Up as a Rider

    Register now to partner with TapWay. 

    2. Accept the Order

    You start receiving orders once you are registered.

    3. Go to Pick Up Location

    You can easily navigate to the pick up location with the map.

    4. Go to Drop Location

    When you arrive at the pickup location, pick up the package and drive to the drop location. 

    5. Finish Job

    Mark your order as complete once you get to the drop location.

    6. Payment

    An invoice is being generate after every delivery for payment. click “Request Payment” and get paid. 


    You have Successfully Completed a Delivery

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    We are a dedicated and highly skilled team that aims to democratize logistics and address the issues surrounding last mile delivery services.

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    Ojomo Ibhiade Close, Millennium Estate, Gbagada, Lagos, Nigeria



    +234 903 439 1896

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