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The supply chain sector consists of traditional fleet carriers, costly fuel, and program requirements, and manual tracking that takes time and effort. Beyond any reasonable doubt, the logistics sector across the world continue to face challenges when looking to provide its customers, the fast, effective, and reliable delivery and transport of goods. Fortunately, the introduction of intelligent technologies and services has provided the support that many organizations need to pursue its delivery objectives. Tapway Courier has not only harnessed the power of modern technologies to address matters of efficiency and economy of scale in logistics but also to create opportunities in an untapped market. Discover just how Tapway Couriers is combining its intelligent applications and creating an opportunity for those who need it most.

Who is Tapway Courier?

Tapway Courier is a professional supply chain business in which the power of smart technologies is utilized to bring cost-effectiveness, reliability, and efficiency in logistics to every SME, merchant, and individual customer!

Tapway Courier has discovered a means of facilitating faster delivery solutions to appease the interests of customers while supporting businesses in achieving its objectives. This delivery solution includes the introduction of crowdsourcing logistics in which companies can accomplish their last-mile delivery or same-day delivery objectives without the extra costs and the everyday challenges encountered in the industry.

Crowdsourcing Logistics is the Future of Transportation

Through crowdsourcing logistics, we have discovered that not only can businesses achieve their bottom line and customer satisfaction but can also create job opportunities. We have developed an application connecting businesses to verified individuals acting as drivers for last mile and same-day delivery services. Rather than rely on large fleets to complete urgent deliveries, we create the “Uber” of delivery services for parcels and packages. Not only is this a convenient and flexible solution for business, but it also offers employment opportunities for those who need it.

Addressing the Gap Using Technology and Logistics

One of the leading challenges in Africa is the issue of unemployment and impoverishment. By creating employment opportunities for communities, it can address and help alleviate the significant discrepancies and difficulties encountered. Our drivers can learn essential skills and enter the ever-growing logistics industry for future career advancement. Our goal is to bring all persons together, from businesses and retailers to individuals, to create sustainability in the supply chain sector in which everyone can benefit. We aim to combine our experience and technical knowledge to produce competitive and robust solutions to resolve everyday complexities and logistical challenges.

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