Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we provide answers to some of our frequently asked questions. However, if you still cannot find the answers you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.

What is Tapway Logistics?

Tapway Logistics is your same-day delivery platform aiming to transform the way supply chain services are conducted by democratizing logistics. Using a combination of advanced technologies and connecting retailers, businesses, and drivers in a secure platform, we facilitate the rapid last-mile delivery of goods.

How are Your Services Different from a Dedicated Fleet?

Unlike the cost of a dedicated fleet and the scheduled times it takes to transport goods, we introduce crowdsourcing logistics and an API for business. Through our technologies, we provide our customers with a choice that cannot be provided with a regular carrier. Our solutions also allow you to rate and review our drivers, so you always have access to the very best service in support of your business.

Is it Secure to Use Tapway Logistics?

Yes. Tapway Logistics is entirely secure and reliable, offering our clients the chance to connect in our platform and benefit from affordable and fast services. When we hire our drivers, we ensure that a verification process is completed to provide our clients with the most cost-effective, only the safest services in the industry. From driving records to proof of experience and transport dependability, we go the extra mile to ensure the people we help your business connect to, are reliable and will deliver on their promises.

Why Should I Rate Your Drivers?

To ensure we continue to provide our customers with the most impressive and reliable services, we rely on your driver ratings. At Tapway Logistics, we ensure that our drivers with the very best scores are maintained in our system. This way, we can assure our customers of consistent, high-quality service standards.

Who is Responsible for Delivering Purchases?

The Tapway Logistics drivers who have been carefully selected by Tapway Logistics will be responsible for the delivery of your purchases. These drivers include individuals from the general community who wish to earn an extra income while providing businesses and merchants the flexible delivery services needed. We complete background checks and ensure they have licensed drivers before assigning drivers to our platform.

If you wish to learn more about the ways Tapway Logistics can transform your interests and logistical needs, please speak to us. We are happy to help you with your shipping strategy in a fast, affordable, and effective manner.

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