While technology has been recognized as a driving force in supply chain and logistics services, some technologies are responsible for limitations across the success and seamless process of the supply chain. Supply chains face many challenges, and with the growth of technologies, more companies are looking at whether disruptive technology could serve as the future of successful and seamless logistics. A closer look at the ways technologies can create efficiency and reduce the costs, the inaccuracies, and the complexities found in these sectors can assist in transforming professional production and logistical processes.

Disruptive technology offers more than meets the eye. It has the power, and the means to improve the way production takes place, and the way products for distribution are transported and tracked. Every year, more businesses are focusing on the integration of technologies and the ways it can enhance and address its many limitations. Popular types of advanced technologies include the use of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and the use of drones. 


What is Disruptive Technology in the Supply Chain?

One of the leading disruptive technologies within the supply chain is the IoT. IoT incorporates sensory functionality to collect data, manage information, and then send out data-driven results or requests. More supply chain companies are including IoT because it assists with controlling inventory and creates smooth, efficient means of reporting. As automation migrates into stock take and management; it may eliminate the need for manual organization and counting of warehouse products and more.


Drone technology is fast making its way into the E-commerce and the supply chain industry. While previous companies may have found limited use for drones, today, these machines are set to take over the way smaller products and parcels are transported. Air traffic control remained a primary concern for organizations looking to integrate drones. With many of these restrictions lifted, companies are looking to achieve same-day delivery and to have smaller parcels carried over short distance drones.

The Role of Disruptive Technology for the Supply Chain

Disruptive technology has been placed on the back burner for some time; however, with a closer look at the ways it can create efficiency and cost-effective, it means significant changes for the future. To monitor and track stock, manual methods subject to the error will no longer be a necessity

As businesses search for efficient and practical means of delivering its supply chain services, it is no wonder that advanced disruptive technology is set to change the industry.

To advance your business, consider the incorporation of modern technologies. Always reckon with the features of technologies and the ways it can work to overcome challenges and facilitate successful and influential logistics and supply chain services.

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