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Importance of same day or last mile delivery

Companies follow a stringent procedure to ensure that every aspect of the customer experience and the delivery of the product is managed from start to finish. You could correctly package

Harnessing the Opportunity of Alleviating Poverty Using Tapway Courier

The supply chain sector consists of traditional fleet carriers, costly fuel, and program requirements, and manual tracking that takes time and effort. Beyond any reasonable doubt, the logistics sector across the world continue to face challenges when looking to provide its customers, the fast, effective, and reliable delivery and transport of goods.

Relationship between logistics and E-Commerce

Logistics is an integral part of the way countries around the world are carrying out businesses. From the way companies receive their goods to the sale and transport of products locally and abroad, logistics has become a major driving force for professional economies. This is because there is a rise within E-commerce practices and demand from consumers for faster and more effective forms of transport and distribution.

Disruptive Technology In Supply Chain

While technology has been recognized as a driving force in supply chain and logistics services, some technologies are responsible for limitations across the success and seamless process of the supply chain. Supply chains face many challenges, and with the growth of technologies, more companies are looking at whether disruptive technology could serve as the future of successful and seamless logistics.

Current Situation of Logistics In Africa

Cargo transportation and logistics remains an integral part of business operations and is a significant driving economic force for entire countries. Through imports and exports, individuals, retailers, and businesses receive and sell goods and support the maintenance of a thriving economy. Transport logistics has been undergoing significant changes in Africa. While many challenges persist, the introduction of leading technologies are set to make a difference in the way logistics is conducted and managed.

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