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Tapway Logistics has pioneered the way forward in supply chain management by introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI), crowdsourcing solutions, and more. Our years of industry experience and the skill of an exceptional team makes us recognize the pressing needs of the SME and everyday customers in reaching their delivery goals on time, every time.

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Tapway Logistics uses AI and related business intelligence solutions to mobilize drivers and connect businesses in our mobile application. Through the integration of these technologies, we can help SME’s achieve their goals of fast, cost-effective same-day deliveries.

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We create exceptional partnerships with businesses and drivers involving crowdsourcing logistics and more. Utilizing E-commerce technologies, we aim to pave the way for faster, cheaper service deliveries across Africa and the world.

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Crowdsourcing Logistics

As digital technology is the way forward, Tapway Logistics incorporates crowdsourcing logistics. As the consumer demand for faster, same day and more reliable deliveries becomes increasingly apparent, there is a greater need for flexible driver and parcel or product transport solutions.
At Tapway, we aim to appease both SME’s in need of efficient deliveries while creating professional employment opportunities for drivers to perform last mile deliveries on a need-be basis. Companies are offered the flexibility of rapid and responsive customer deliveries while drivers can work flexible hours and earn extra income.

Who Are We?

We are a dedicated and highly skilled team that aims to democratize logistics and address the issues surrounding last mile delivery services. Our years of experience have afforded us the opportunity of combining technologies such as AI and crowdsourcing logistics to create a platform in which businesses benefit from rapid and responsive delivery solutions while job opportunities are created for potential drivers. We wish to drive market value through vastly improved logistics, scalable E-commerce, and the development of a live, online community of businesses and transporters.


The purpose of our solution is to help customers and merchants solve last mile delivery and to help further small businesses reach their target audience in a timely fashion through our mobile application. In doing so, we hope to disrupt the existing system and democratize logistics through technology by letting people use our platform as an alternative source for generating revenue by serving as delivery persons. In totality, we aim to create a global solution that connects people with products and createsan excellent market for change.


Our vision is to create a frontier in supply chain services by democratizing logistics and introducing new, transformative technologies to business and individual clients. 
Become part of the transformation and ensure your business benefits from cost-effective, valuable, and dependable logistics services only we can provide. From last mile crowdsourcing logistics to integrating AI technology, our goal is to foster a new age of growth and transport solutions across the world.

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Frequently Asked

Here, we provide answers to some of our frequently asked questions. However, if you still cannot find the answers you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.

What is Tapway Logistics?
Tapway Logistics is your same-day delivery platform aiming to transform the way supply chain services are conducted by democratizing logistics. Using a combination of advanced technologies and connecting retailers, businesses, and drivers in a secure platform, we facilitate the rapid last-mile delivery of goods.
How are Your Services Different froma Dedicated Fleet?
Unlike the cost of a dedicated fleet and the scheduled times it takes to transport goods, we introduce crowdsourcing logistics and an API for business. Through our technologies, we provide our customers with a choice that cannot be provided with a regular carrier. Our solutions also allow you to rate and review our drivers, so you always have access to the very best service in support of your business.
Is it Secure to Use Tapway Logistics?
Yes. Tapway Logistics is entirely secure and reliable, offering our clients the chance to connect in our platform and benefit from affordable and fast services.
When we hire our drivers, we ensure that a verification process is completed to provide our clients with the most cost-effective, only the safest services in the industry. From driving records to proof of experience and transport dependability, we go the extra mile to ensure the people we help your business connect to, are reliable and will deliver on their promises.
Why Should I Rate Your Drivers?
To ensure we continue to provide our customers with the most impressive and reliable services, we rely on your driver ratings. At Tapway Logistics, we ensure that our drivers with the very best scores are maintained in our system. This way, we can assure our customers of consistent, high-quality service standards.
Who is Responsible for Delivering Purchases?
The Tapway Logistics drivers who have been carefully selected by Tapway Logistics will be responsible for the delivery of your purchases. These drivers include individuals from the general community who wish to earn an extra income while providing businesses and merchants the flexible delivery services needed. We complete background checks and ensure they have licensed drivers before assigning drivers to our platform.

How are we taking Initiative to Improve Supply Chain Services in Africa and beyond?

Tapway Logistics has uncovered the secret to the fastest and most reliable delivery services, both locally and abroad. We believe that modern technology is the way forward. By incorporating AI and disruptive technology, we aim to address issues from last mile delivery to problems within the supply chain.

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“So @tapwaylogistics just delivered my package within hours.
Thank you.”


“A special shout out to Tapway Logistics for your swift response to our deliveries. We @fmjfoods highly appreciate the exceptional service received so far for the handling of all our urgent deliveries. Your representatives have a very helpful attitude and their attention to detail helped us to move our work smoothly without any delay..”

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